Cherie Izzo is an Award Winning Hair & Make-Up Artist and licensed Cosmetologist for 3 decades.

Employed by Revlon, Clairol and Matrix as a platform artist setting trends and educating innumerable professionals nationally. She stood on stage or worked with leader in the industry such as, Irvine & Rita Rusk, Xenon, and Beth & Carmine Minardi. Thereafter, she became Director of Sales and Education for a Miami beauty supply distributor.  She was asked to write for a Florida beauty industry newspaper known as “Waves Length”, that was when her passion for writing began. Later in her career she transformed her celebrity clients, models and brides, which inspired her to author “Adorning the Bride: A Professional’s Guide to Bridal Beauty”. She became a leading authority on bridal beauty.

Cherie’s creative background is in beauty, fashion and fine art. Her commissioned art collection is vast in oil and watercolor; and more recent work are traditional watercolor and watercolor on Yupo.

She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, NY. Now in recent years she designed a unique line of custom eco chic bags. Her sustainable fashions are created from deconstructed recycled garments, which she recreated into purses, reusable grocery bags, totes, backpacks and unique custom recycled Izzo purses.

From Cherie’s reaction to her exposure to the toxic chemicals in the beauty industry, she no longer works in the salon environment and thus freelances her services on location. Now plagued with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) she avoids people, places and things with fragrance at all costs. She lives a gluten free, soy free healthy lifestyle. As a result, she has become outspoken critic about the toxic beauty industry.

In this blog you will get to see inside the life of CHERIE IZZO a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger.

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