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Are expensive styling tool worth the money?

There is an old saying “An artist is only as good as his tools.” I am a firm believer there is merit to that saying. Years ago when I was a platform artist setting trends for thousands of professionals I use the most expensive, and very best tools money could buy. Spending a $1,000.00 on a pair of shears, $500.00 on a blower and $250.oo for a brush is over the top, I know, but when I was setting trends all eyes were on me only the very best would do.

Since then, I found that expensive isn’t always better, its a matter of preference. Finding the tools that feel comfortable to use and getting the desired results is what it is important. Here are a few high end items.

As a fine art artist I also paints, and quality brushes are of the utmost importance to me. With that said, I use good make-up brushes on my clients; they are well worth the money.

Some celebrity stylists swear by Mason Pearson hair styling brushes.

You can find Mason Pearson Hairbrush here if you want one. They are exceptional brushes by far. But, you should choose the tools to help you get the desired results you are looking for.

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