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Budget Hair Cuts? I can’t afford an expensive stylist any other alternatives?

I’m on a budget and can’t afford an expensive stylist to cut my hair every month. Last month I cheated on my stylist and went to a super cheap budget salon and got butchered. Is there a mid priced haircut salon that I can go to? Or are there any other alternatives?

A great haircut goes an extremely long way…


Just because the stylist works at a high end salon does not reflect the quality of their work. Some times you can find a great stylist at a mid priced salon. I’m not sure they will be using tools like this

Tondeo 9030 Premium Sensation Offset 5.5″ Hair Shears / Scissors not bad for $1,400.00


This is also a nice set for a hair cutter too! Axis scissors KARISUMA set


A bad haircut is a disaster that will live on every time you attempt to style your hair.


My feeling is find a stylist that you love, and stick with them. Follow them if they move to a different salon. And, if you can’t afford their services as often as you would like, you might prefer to stretch out your haircuts a little longer in between. It is an alternative solution, if you are on a budget.

Whatever you do don’t hack at your hair yourself!

Try to go for a haircut every other month and get your cut a little shorter than you normally do and you will get more life out of your style over time.

Ask around for recommendation to find a stylist if you don’t have one you are thrilled with. Find someone who have hair like yours, the same texture and thickness with a stylish cut. This will help you find someone you will be happy with. Not every stylist is great at thick, curly or super fine hair. We aren’t all created equal in our talents and ability. So when you find someone you love stick with them and if you can’t afford them, stretch your cuts out in between.