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    So You Want to Become a Makeup Artist? How to be a Makeup Artist?

    I grew up with my doorbell ringing and the sounds of “Avon calling!” …And then Mary Kay moved into the neighborhood. Why I always wanted to become a cosmetologist? I wore a uniform when I attended beauty school. When I took my state board exam and started my cosmetology career, blush was called “rouge” and nail polish was known as “enamel.”  After school I strived for the stars; miraculously I got them. My BIO. How to become a makeup artist? You want to be a makeup artist? Really? In what area of the makeup art industry are you interested in developing a career? Social media will leave you to believe…

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    IZZO Top Seductive Tango Fashions

    I dance Tango and love the dance… Tango is a complex, seductive and alluring partner dance. It originated circa 1880 in Argentina and Uruguay. The woman, although she appears to be the focus point, is not. Tango is all about the man. He as a dancer controls the woman’s every move. As a spectator you observe the woman’s body from behind as she is being guided in reverse by the man. The back of the woman is mostly what you see, the style of their hair, dress and shoes are in the spotlight. One of the fun elements is dressing to dance Tango. These are a few fashions and music…

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    Coffee is a beauty professionals superpower fuel

    Growing up Italian-American coffee was a large part of everything. The smell of coffee is a fond memory every time I encounter it. My grandparents, parents and cousins all drank coffee. As a kid, even my younger cousins around 12-years old drank coffee before school. I didn’t acquire the taste until I became a cosmetologist in my late teens. Coffee for a cosmetologist is the fuel for our superpowers… I accelerate the caffeine with dark chocolate. Here are some fun stuff in the life of a hairstylist… that loves coffee and dark chocolate. Coffee Scrub Coffee Soap Bar with Vanilla Cream (Café Au Lait) (4 Oz)- Handmade Organic with Essential…

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    Makeup Trends

    Makeup Artist Google Trend Interest over time. If you are considering becoming a Makeup Artist and wonder if the industry is calling you, take an inside look at the trends.   https://support.google.com/trends/answer/4355164?hl=en&rd=1

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    Best Holiday Godiva Chocolatier Chocolate Truffles

    I think just about everyone enjoys chocolate around the holidays. Godiva is on the top of my favorite list. Godiva Chocolatier Chocolate Truffle, Coffee Café Godiva Chocolate Truffle Ground Coffee two 10 oz. bags Godiva Chocolatier Dessert Truffle, Ultimate Flight, 6 Count Godiva Chocolatier Flight Chocolate Truffle, Caramel, 6 Count Godiva Chocolatier Flight Chocolate Truffle, Ice Cream Parlor, 6 Count GODIVA Chocolatier 6 pc. Happy Birthday Cake Truffle Flight Godiva Chocolatier Classic Gold Ballotin, 19 Count, Net Wt 7.2 oz GODIVA Chocolatier 24 pc. White Chocolate Classic Gift Box Godiva Large White Chocolate Assortment Gift Box Godiva Chocolatier Signature Chocolate Truffles Gift Box, Classic, 24 Count Godiva Chocolatier Ultimate Dessert…