In addition to beauty and art, IZZO is a fashion designer utilizing her fashion expressions designing eco friendly accessories.

IZZO attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, NY. Now in recent years she created a unique line of custom eco chic bags. Her sustainable fashions are from deconstructed recycled garments, which she recreated into purses, reusable grocery bags, totes, backpacks and unique custom recycled Izzo purses.

Above are two eco friendly washable reuseable upcycled matching bags/totes. They are created from two Ralph Lauren JEANS that IZZO reused, recycled and upcycled into a matching bag/tote set ideal for ‘green’ shopping totes.

This is from recycled Sonoma Jeans repurposed and upcycled into a unisex tote.

IZZO also created a line of purses. This one is upcycled from a pair of suede pants by Yvonne Marie redesigned into a eco friendly purse.


10″ Height
14″ Width
13X7″ Bottom

6″ Front Pocket Opening
4″ Back Pocket Opening
12″ Handle Straps

Another purse designed from recycled APOLLO JEANS. It is fully lined with linen fabric in a unique zig-zag stitch. It has a small Velcro closure and is machine washable.
6′ Wide
12 1/2′ Long
9′ Height

All the bags/totes are created from recycled garments (jeans, suede and leather pants) IZZO purchased. The garment was properly washed/cleaned. Then the idea goes from concept to creation on paper. Many times she will illustrate the bag/tote as a line drawing. Then she deconstruct the garment, redesigns and reconstructs it. It is then repurposed into a newly functional fashion accessory item.

This tote is from a line of RALPH LAUREN JEANS.

This is a  SKID Jean Upcycled and Recycled XL TOTE.


length 16″ – width 9″ – height 19 1/2″


This tote was created from vintage stonewashed LEVIS STRAUSS & CO. jeans.
Bottom 7 1/2″ X 14″
Front height 14″
Back height 15″
Side height 14 1/2″

Each bag/tote is HANDMADE and one-of-a-kind. No two bags are ever the same.

All these eco friendly bags/totes have multi purposes. The possibilities to use them are unlimited. They can be used not only for reusable grocery shopping, but for gym bags, workout, yoga, beach bags, book-bags, craft bags, bags for art supplies, guys work bags, kids bags, school tote, or for dance class/gym class, duffel bags to carry sports equipment, laundry bags, travel bags, doggie toy duffel bag – or whatever you choose to use them for.

This is a matching set.

Created from Saks Fifth Avenue White Denim Jeans that IZZO repurposed into an eco friendly purse.

Length 12 1/2″
Width 8″
Height 13″


Using fashion accessories from recycled garments and up-cycle them into re-purposed items is environmentally smart and helps to reduce our carbon footprint.

Any of these bags/totes are available as custom order. If you would like to place a special order contact IZZO. She have a large collection of different sizes and styles to choose from.