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Extreme Glamour Makeup Trend

It’s been over 3 decades that I’ve been setting trends and observing them in the beauty and fashion industry. Recently, I have noticed a movement in glamour makeup.

Social media allows people to see inside the intimate details of our lives. The growing movement of selfies has opened a portal into voyeurism. Women’s appearance has transformed – some good, some not. I watch the Facebook and Twitter feeds of fake, unnatural, heavily Photoshopped images of pathetic, overly made-up, fake looking doll-like faces.

Does my opinion sound harsh?

In retrospect, looking at the art of makeup, it can transform. Yes. However, the glamour makeup has morphed to an extreme glam makeup trend that I find unnatural. It’s nothing like the glamour makeup from the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s.

In some sense, it appears to be trying to replicate these old school glam trends but with an extreme modern twist. I get it. Makeup, cosmetics and beauty supplies are to enhance one’s beauty.


Barbie Fashion Model Collection Silkstone Vanity


What it has developed into is an unnatural obsession with false eyelashes, contour and painted on human Barbie doll faces.

I love Barbie. She was my favorite doll along with Tressy (her BFF had retractable hair. Press her belly button and a swath of hair grew from a hole on top of her head. Press the button on the other side and the hair retracted.)

These dolls were toys and my inspiration as a child. Not as an adult.

The current extreme glamour trend is not your ordinary glamour makeup look from the 60’s.

I’m not talking about Hollywood or New York movie, TV production field makeup artists creating glamour. In my lifetime, the makeup trends have changed but I can’t remember a time when women wore such an extreme application and colors. Perhaps this is the future. It’s almost like they have become obsessed with becoming and/or being a living doll. I’ll leave the cosmetic surgery and the addiction to it for another post. Here is one I wrote last year. What are your feelings on cosmetic surgery?

I needed answers. In my research, I looked for “what” and “why?”

A few years ago, the department store cosmetic counters had new threatening competition. It pointed me to the beauty retailers Sephora and Ulta.

Fearlessly, they came to saturate the US. In 2010, WWD named Sephora the Specialty Retailer of the Year. In 2013, they did over 4 billion dollars worldwide.

In 2011, Ulta had 730.5 million dollars in total assets. Did you comprehend that number? Correct me, but is it almost three quarters of a trillion dollars?  In 2015, Ulta operated 817 stores and aims for 1,000 by 2017. Imagine that!?

My head shakes back-and-forth, as I read about how these billion dollar companies focus on charity giving to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. It’s pure BS! I just want to vomit. I can’t apologize for the way I feel. I have watched my cosmetology teacher, family members and my BFF die from the cancer. This Pink Ribbon nonsense makes me crazy – how these big multi-billion dollar cosmetic companies brainwash you to believe their lies about their toxic products that really do cause cancer. But that’s for another day and another blog post.

My research of extreme glamour makeup trends has many factors. Here are a few I’ve noticed.


The Kardashian brand is all about extreme glamour makeup – the faker the look, the better. Don’t they have a line of eyelashes and a lip plumper?

The rediscovery of false eyelashes have made a comeback with extreme glam. Women realize how dirty mascara is and opt for a healthier alternative. So the false eyelash trend is flourishing.

The YouTube posse of people that put on makeup and claim to be makeup artists are the driving force.

Lash and brow threading salons are the new thing, for people with lash and brow needs.

Glitter is big now. Although glitter dates back 6,000 years, back in the 40s, 50s, and 60s it wasn’t highly refined – they only had iridescent shimmery products. Now intense glitter has emerged.

Face contour and the detailed science behind it has been reworked, remastered on YouTube and overdone ad nauseam.

The relentless quest for perfection has resulted in the cosmetic surgery obsession that has grown in countless billions of dollars a year.  Another is overuse of injectables and Botox.

Take extreme glamour makeup and then mix in Photoshop! Wait! What? Photoshop? Maybe what I’m seeing is all an illusion? Maybe what I’m looking at is Photoshop?! These faces really don’t look this way? And there really isn’t an obsession to have a plastic Barbie doll face and paint them with extreme glam? I hope it will last no more than a decade and we will forget it.

Seriously, I think the art – the true art of the makeup artistry – is being mocked and abused. I’d like to know what you think. Write to me.

-Cherie IZZO


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