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Finding the perfect hair color is an ever evolving process

Over the last three decades I have had every hair color imaginable. My natural color is brown; to be more specific it’s a medium mousy brown. Well, as the model in the old Clairol TV commercial would say, “Only your hairdresser knows for sure.”

Fun to watch old black and white TV ad’s from circa 1957.

I must admit, while in beauty school, I even wore green hair. It wasn’t a trend; but a mistake made by another beauty student. Soon after I highlighted my hair, blonder in the front than the back, much like the rocker Debbie Harry ‘Blondie’ in the mid 70’s.

As time past my hair became blonder all over, almost bleach blonde in tone. And yes, I will attest the blond cliché, “blondes do have more fun” is true.

Then when I moved to Florida in the 80’s I didn’t want to be another blond at the beach in a sea of bleached blonds. It was then I altered the formula and transitioned into a dark strawberry blond.

When I took a position with Matrix to launch the line of Socolor and Prizms hair color, it was then my hair color drastically changed to purple. Yes purple, an intense vibrant purple! I was wearing and setting a new vibrant hair color trend that was sweeping the USA.

By the time I moved on to work for Clairol we were launching Logics International hair color, once more it was time to reinvent my color again. This time my color deepened to a deep burgundy wine color and as time passed the color deepened even more to a extreme black cherry color.

In the late 90’s I wanted a drastic 360 degree change. My life was in flux and I needed to make myself over one more time. In an extreme transform I altered my color to a bodacious Matrix Socolor shade described as really really red. And as everyone who knows me says, it fits me well.

A redhead stands out in a crowd. No two redheads are alike; unlike blonds or brunettes. And the fun fiery reputation always precedes us.

Your hair color also should be ever evolving process with passing time. Don’t fear change. Change is good. Especially when you are reinventing yourself, are going through a divorce or experiencing a life altering change. No matter what hair color you choose if it is a drastic change, consider all your options. Keep in mind your wardrobe and make-up colors will need to change or be modified to suit the new you. Play it safe before you do, visit your local wig store, try on a few different shades and colors to find the perfect one that fits you. Or visit this web site upload a picture and try on a new color online.

If you are considering red and your skin is fair, you might want to try lighter shades. If your skin tone is olive or darker, look at deeper reds like burgundy or mahogany shades. If you are seriously considering red hair please leave it to a professional before you attempt to buy a box of hair color at the drugstore and do it yourself. Leave red to a professional!

If you look around celebrities at some point throughout their careers they transition to red hair too, or some are fortunate enough to be a natural redhead.

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