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How can I create a poofy bump style?

Over the years it has had many names, tall hair, pompadours, bouffant, puffed out, puffy top, beehive, bubble and it had been called many other terms.

To define what I’m writing about it’s the poofy bump.

I do feel affection for big hair. I love to create the poofy bump bed head styles as seen on the legendary icon Brigitte Bardot in the 1950’s. There are positive elements to the poofy bump; if you are short you can gain some height with a hair bump, in addition to adding celebrity style glamour.

The bouffant bump has been around for hundreds of years. Marie Antoinette brought the exaggerated bouffant coiffure alive in circa 1700.

In the 1935 film the Bride of Frankenstein wore it, as well as in the movie Young Frankenstein.

Elsa Martinelli an Italian actress was the definition of bombshell when she wore a hair bump in 1960’s. In the mid ’60s Tina Louise wore the poofy bump. Goldie Hawn had a hair bump when she appeared in Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In back in 1968 – 1973.

Raquel Welch was another beauty icon with the poofy bump do. Then Diana Ross and The Supreme’s kept it alive well into the 1970’s. Cher wore it in her TV show with Sonny in the early 1970’s her hair stole the show.

Even the cartoon character Marge Simpson had a blue bump in her debut TV show in 1987. Ricki Lake wore one in the movie Hairspray. Mari Wilson British pop star used an entire can of hairspray to get enough height to inflate her hair bump. Cindy Wilson of the B-52’s bump must have had 6” of height. Dolly Parton had more than a hair bump; it was a hair bump with big hair.

Both Heather Locklear and Linda Evans wore a hair bump back in the filming of Dynasty thoughout the 80’s.

The poofy bump lived through the 90s well in to the turn of the century into 2000. Brit rocker Amy Winehouse larger-than-life bouffant poof is her trademark.

Presidential candidate Sarah Palin wore a half-up bump on the campaign trail in 2008.

Snooki’s overstated bump make a début on the reality TV show Jersey Shore in late 2009.

Even today in 2016 the bumpy poof is still a fashion trend and I believe it will outlive all other trends.



How to create a high style celebrity-glamour poofy hair bump.

Step 1 – Blow dry your hair as you normally do. I like this blower Babyliss Pro BABFRV2 Volare Ferrari Designed Professional Luxury Mid Sized Hair Dryer, Red, 2000 Watts Or I also use this one it’s not as pricey as the Ferrari model but it really blows. Check out the Babyliss Pro BABTT5585 Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Dryer.




Spritz some volumizer all over your hair. Or apply something like Thicken Up (by Paul Mitchell). Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Thicken Up ( Styling Liquid ) 200Ml/6.8Oz Plus, if you tip your head over and blow it dry upside down you will add extra volume.




Step 2 – Section the top portion of your hair. Wrap the first section of your hair around a round brush. Hit it with a spritz of some Root Boost (by BedHead),TIGI Bed Head Ego Boost 8 oz.

Use your favorite mouse or styling aid like Redken Hot Sets 22.5 oz to secure the curl.

Blast it with your blow dryer until dry. Move on to the next section of hair and repeat the same technique until the top is done.

Step 3 – Take the section of hair you just dried and still hot wrap it around a medium or large Velcro style roller Beau Belle Unique Hair Rollers – Velcro Hair Rollers for Lift & Fullness.
and lightly spay it with hair spray.

Step 4 – Hit all the rollers one last time with a blast from the hot blow dryer. Let the hair cool off before removing the rollers. Complete drying the rest of your hair throughout your head.

Step 5 – Unroll the rollers. Using a paddle brush or a Mason Pearson Popular Mixture Hair Brush

Brush out the section before you tease them with a large tooth comb or detangler comb. Tease or backcomb the part and crown area. Some stylists use a paddle brush to achieve the same effect, holding the hair up, pulling it taunt and brush it back down towards the scalp. Do not rat the hair up with heavy teasing. Otherwise your style will be over done and post dated in the past.

Step 6 – Beginning in the front of hairstyle, pull out your bang area first and then lightly smooth over the bump into the shape you like. You can use bobby pins by criss-crossing them over each other to secure the bump from the inside if you feel it’s necessary, or you can use tiny butterfly clips to hold it in place. Comb the top layer of hair over the bobby pins to conceal them.

Step 7 – Once you hair is in place lightly spray your hair. You now you have a couture style without the couture price tag.

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