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What are your feelings about cosmetic/plastic surgery?

Unfortunately over my career I have seen one too many bad face lifts. A woman can have bad cosmetic surgery on her body, and can conceal it with clothing. Bad cosmetic surgery on her face is worn every day for everyone to see, with no way to hide it. With that said, in the last ten years a trend has developed with women using cosmetic surgery a bit too extreme. Cosmetic/plastic surgeons and dermatologist are partially to blame. Their patients lip augmentations are abnormally over blown, and their emotionless faces are pulled unnaturally too tight.

An overdone face lift tend to add age to a woman, instead of making her ageless. What I mean by this is in many cases when a 40 or 50 year old woman has an obvious face lift, the observer draws a conclusion that the woman had the face lift to compensate for her older age, and as a result is much older than her natural age to make themselves appear younger.

Scars are another give away to a face lift. Along with it there are too many negative risks associated with a face lift. A few of them are excessive bleeding, bruising, nerve damage, tissue death and scarring. More serious complications are adverse reactions to medication, anesthesia and death.

For a significant number of patients they become obsessed and develop an addiction to cosmetic surgery which needs intervention. Their addiction is to the desire to be forever ageless and beautiful as a result they develop body dysmorphic disorder.

Thus, with all the draw backs of cosmetic surgery I personally would recommend choosing alternative methods.

Preventive anti-aging measures are importation in a woman’s beauty regime at any age. A good skin care regime, and eliminate smoking. Smoking will accelerate the aging process exponentially and avoiding baking in the sun. Exfoliate your skin regularly will help to delay the aging process.

Depending on your skin type, exfoliating maybe daily, bi-weekly, weekly or monthly. Products with Retin-A and glycolic acid are also helpful for some women. Consult a professional before using these products.

A few other options to consider instead of going under the knife are Botox, Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse, ArteFill, fat injections and collagen injections are all effective and less invasive than surgery.

Alternatives I recommend to my clients are treatments I have undergone myself — microdermabrasion, glycolic facials, glycolic peels, and acupuncture. I also have had wonderful results with injectables, such as Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse and my favorite is Perlane for deeper lines or wrinkles. I refer all my clients to VENUS MED DAY SPA  because I personally use them. They have locations throughout Florida, a few spa’s in Illinois and one in Georgia. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable and are highly talented in the art of ageless beauty transformation with use of Injectables, Fillers, Hyaluronic Acids and Vi peels. Plus, I have found, you can’t beat their prices either.

In addition, I have seen remarkable results with acupuncture treatments performed by a acupuncture physician. Acupuncture is not a one time fix or treatment. Although with the first treatment results are noticeable. To see longer lasting results regular sessions are requires. I would suggest about 8 to 12 treatment in consecutive weeks of treatments, then once a month or every few months to maintain the results. Some acupuncture treatments are done with stimulation with an electrical current to strengthen the muscles and return them back to a younger state. The treatments are not painful. Because the needles are hair thin. After the treatment you will notice an improvement in your over all health.

Acupuncture physicians also have a natural injectable herb that is even more effective that provide similar results as Restylane and Juvederm. It stimulates the face to produce its own natural collagen on its own without synthetic unnatural ingredients.

Along with acupuncture, I suggest an ancient 3000 year old Chinese beauty secret that few Westerners know is pearl powder facials to tighten the skin.

Pearl Powder

Pearl power can be purchased online or at a oriental market. (A google search will provide you with more information about pearl powder.) It is relatively in expensive. It comes from ground up pearls, packaged in tiny vials, capsules or packets. The vial, capsule or packet are opened and a small amount (two vial or two capsules) is mixed with one egg white and applied with a make-up brush all over the face, above and below the eye area, neck and upper chest area. The mixture dries quickly and tightens skin in a remarkable fashion. It is removed with warm water. Pearl power has a slight lightening effect on the skin. However, the tightening results are far superior to any other products I have ever ever found.


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