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What kind of bobby pins do you use, and how do you use them?

I’m not fond of small plain bobby pins or hair pin. This is a hair pin Diane Hair Pins, Black, 60/card It is not a bobby pin. I’m not the type of stylist that uses a lot of bobby pins or hair pins in up dos. All the same, I do a lot of formal hair but use a minimal amount of pins.

I think one of the reasons hair stylists don’t do up dos is they are afraid. Their fear merely comes from placement of the bobby pins. The problem is they use far too many bobby pins and hair pins necessary to do an up do.

Goody Styling Essentials Bobby Pins, Brown, 3 Inches, 18 Count (Pack of 6)

I use large over size bobby pins (also known a roller bobby pins) and the fewer the better. You can find them at any beauty supply store. They are approximately 2 ¾” to 3″ long and don’t have ripples on them like the small pain bobby pins. An example, when I do a French Twist I place the large bobby pins in a criss-cross fashion interlocking them on top of one another beginning at the bottom and run them up the back of the head. Then the top bobby pin I fasten in place inverted in the opposite direction to secure it. I twist the hair over the brace I created, and then I fasten one maybe two large bobby pins inside the twist from within inside from the top. If I need a hair pin to secure the outside hair I’ll use only a few, if any.

There is a big difference between a bobby pin and a hair pin. A hair pin is a loose fitting U shaped wire pin (photographed above top). It doesn’t secure anything and holds nothing more than a few straggly hairs in place.

Here are a few decorative hair ornament hair pins and bobby pins.

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