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What’s the secret to a sensational blow dry?

It begins with healthy hair and a really good haircut. Healthy hair starts with a healthy lifestyle. Proper sleep, diet and exercise are elements of good health.

Use the proper shampoo and conditioner for your type of hair. When you step out of the shower lightly towel dry your hair. Tenderly squeeze (don’t rub) the excess water out of your hair into the towel. Be gentle with a wide tooth comb Like this one.

Breezelike No Static Wavy Handle Green Sandalwood Wide Tooth Comb (7.5 inches)

And comb through your hair starting at the bottom and work your way up the shaft to the roots. Don’t start at the top and rip through the knots.

Never ever use a brush and tug and rip of knots either. It the fastest way to damage your hair, cause major breakage, and split ends will develop very easy that way.

Apply a styling aid (mouse, thickener, or leave in conditioner) for your type of hair prior to blow drying. Next hand-dry your hair by finger combing your hair on low heat. Do this to get the excess moisture out. You don’t want to try to use a round brush on soaking wet hair. Not only will it take forever, but you will damage your hair. Finger combing hand drying might take a few minutes longer but it’s much easier on your hair and you’ll gain more volume.

When your hair is almost ¾ of the way dry, divide and section off your hair, use clips to hold it in place. Use a blow dryer. I like this Karmin Salon Series Ultralight Professional Ionic Hair Dryer.

Begin in the back wrapping the hair around the round brush and blow it dry. Blast it now with hot air, holding the blow drier above the round brush pointed down towards the round brush. Move your way forward continuing to divide the hair into sections. Once the hair is wrapped around the round brush you can apply tension to the hair as you blow it. And you can also use a nozzle attachment to direct the air where you want it. When you get to the front hold the brush in place for a moment of two to allow the hot hair to cool off while still wrapped around the round brush. This will allow the curl to form the shape of the round brush. By removing it while the curl is still hot, it will drag the curl out.

If you are so inclined and wish to use a wide barrel curling iron for defining details (like spiral curls all over), now is the time to do it. I do however use steam rollers for superior results. I don’t use hot irons much anymore, I only use flat irons with a good spray along with it.

For a stronger curl and better hold, I use Velcro curlers like these CONAIR Extra Large Self-Grip Velcro Roller – 4 Pieces Pro Salon Hairdressing Voluminous Curlers.
Now wrap the entire head in rollers for a dry set.  I lightly spray a styling aid like a mist of hair spray on the hair rollers and hit with a quick blast of hot air. Then allow it to cool while my client is having her make up applied. When her makeup is complete I comb out her hair and add the finishing touches to her style.

To ensure the hair style lasts throughout the night while she sleeps, and into the following day, I suggest she pulls her hair all up into a loose ponytail on top of her head and coils it into a loose bun. You might have seen it, the type of bun that Carrie Bradshaw played by actress Sarah Jessica Parker on Sex and the City wore. Here is one example and another example.

By pulling your hair up at night, it preserves it from turning into nightmare hair and allows the perfect blowout to last. When you take your hair down the following morning it will spring back to life. You’ll look sensational even longer…

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